Obligatory About Post

Hey! My name is brad. I’m a programmer and I hacked together this site in the hopes that two or three people would eventually check it out. Lately I’ve been thinking to myself

holy cow, node.js is suh-weet! I need to learn more about it post haste and then make a peanut butter sandwich

Strictly speaking, the peanut butter sandwich part is not relevant. It is, however, a good idea and I intend to follow up on it.

node.js is easily the shiniest thing I’ve seen in the past few days, and all the cool kids are doing it so I figured I’d join in the fun. So far I love it although it’s not without a few hurdles. Flow control seemed a bit clumsy at first, but as it turns out there are various libraries that make it much cleaner. I’ll get into details later when I’ve really dug into the platform. I’m also very interested in the v8 engine (and dynamic language engines in general) so I’m going to be making a serious attempt to learn c++ and hack on it.

So if you want to read about javscript, algorithms, computer science or peanut butter sandwiches, this is the place for you. Stop back in sometime soon and I’ll tell you all about them.